Budget friendly and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

February the 14th is just around the corner and it feels like Christmas was only a week ago! Your purse or wallet might well still be feeling the pinch from Christmas too.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive celebration of your love, as a broke teenager I frequently had to come up with cheap ways to celebrate February 14th with my special dude. Having no disposable income was how I got into making greeting cards, and if you need a handmade Valentine’s Day card, you buy them here.

We may be all grown up now but finances can still be an issue, so I’ve come up with ten romantic and free ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank but still being sentimental at the same time.

Take a romantic stroll

It’s great to get out into the fresh air together. Perhaps you could re-visit a well trodden path from your past or discover somewhere new. You could also incorporate this into tip number 9 and take in some sights or visit an attraction.

Make a playlist of your favourite music

There are so many ways to create your own personalised playlist depending on your device preferences. Choose songs that have meaning for you both and spark memories of your good times together, like concerts, festivals, your first date, and other events you experienced together. Our playlist would feature the Prodigy, as one of our early dates was a Prodigy gig back in the 90’s.

Draw or paint a picture

If you have artistic flair then creating a unique piece of artwork for your loved one is great way to show your love on Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have any artistic skills you can always use one of the many free AI tools to create a lasting memento.

Write a poem

Poetry is THE traditional method of expressing ones love for someone special especially on Valentine’s Day. You can also frame the poem for an extra special touch. If you are struggling to get creative, AI can also help you here too.

Go Stargazing

There is something really special about gazing at the galaxy with your loved one. It’s also a chance to take some time out and re-connect with each other. According to Planetary.org Jupiter will be shining brightly near the crescent moon on Valentine’s Day 2024.

Scavenger hunt with picnic

Don’t let the February weather prevent you from having some fun. You could make a special treasure hunt indoors ending up with a picnic in your lounge by the fireside, with all the comforts of home.

You could purchase a small Valentine’s day gift from my range as part of your treasure hunt for your loved one to discover.

Collage of Keepsakes

This is something I have created for ourselves in the past. It features ticket stubs to events and attractions, flight boarding cards, flyers to gigs we went to, photos, and other souvenirs of our time together.

Visit a free museum or other attraction

If you want to get out and spend the day together there are lots of free to access museums, galleries and so many other options. You don’t always have to travel far either as you can also find local places to visit too.

You could try:

  • Free self guided walks
  • Street art tour
  • Take a walk in a park
  • Visit free museums or an exhibition
  • Tour your local landmarks

Just do a quick internet search to find free activities in your area.

Create personalised promise vouchers

This is idea is not suitable for everyone, and guys don’t generally like to receive this type of gift. If you feel it’s right for your partner then go ahead. Think of promises that will really be meaningful to your partner, it could be mystery date or a day free of cooking, or a promise to spend the day immersed in their favourite hobby. If you know what makes your partner tick then this can be a great gift. If you need some inspiration then check out Etsy or Canva for templates you can download.

Which is your favourite?

I hope you found these ideas for free Valentine’s Day activities useful. Let me know in the comments which ones you might choose to do. If you did find this useful please do share it with your friends or link to this page. Also don’t forget to bookmark it for future use.

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