How to Write a Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message

Forgive me Mum and Mum-in-law. I left it until the last minute to buy your card, get it written, and send it in time to reach you on Mother’s Day.

Don’t make the mistake I did, after I hastily organised the Mother’s Day cards (at least they will get a card in time…. I hope….but I’m relying on Royal Mail here.) I decided to ensure I don’t make the same mistake next year and get prepared to write best ever message in my Mother’s Day cards next time around.

Here is what I’ve learned and will implement to make the messages in my cards the most heartfelt ones in the future because I want to avoid writing “Happy Mother’s Day, have a wonderful day” ever again. It’s just so bland and does not reflect my love and appreciation for two of the most important women in my life.

If you have the responsibility for writing the card for your partner’s mum too, like I do, it doubles the challenge of writing something personal and heartfelt.

You can use this guide for your mum, mother-in-law, foster mum, or any other mother-like figure in your life.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to just say it “Happy Mother’s Day”. Now, we can write something more personal in addition to the traditional greeting. If you bought a card with this sentiment already printed inside then you can skip this step.

    Be Thankful

    Write a sentence about how thankful you are for something your mum has taught you, or advice she gave, or be specific about an action she did for you that you are grateful for.

    Mums often make sacrifices so that their children can thrive, do you know what sacrifices she made for your benefit? You can express your thankfulness for her sacrifices.

    It could start like this:

    • I’m thankful for……
    • I’m grateful for…….
    • Thanks for teaching me…
    • Thank you for ……….
    • I’m overwhelmed by your……
    • I appreciate ………..

    This will make your message much more personal, and touch her soul.

    Share your Best Memory or Experience

    Another way to write a heartfelt message for Mother’s Day is to remind her of a special memory you have of spending time with her. It could be from your childhood or a more recent event. It doesn’t even have to be something big, maybe just how much you love your shopping outings, or walking the dog together. The important thing here is to show her that she has a special place in your life and that you remember the great times you have shared with her, and why these times are so important to you, as her child.

    Highlight her Best Quality

    Are you proud of your mums’ achievements? Does she have abilities or skills you admire? Then tell her, because it will show her that you understand her as more than a mum, but as a person too.

    This could start like:

    • I’m proud of the way you….
    • I love your sense of…………
    • I wish I had your …………….
    • I admire your …………………
    • You are the best at………..
    • No one does …. like you
    • You inspire me to be……

    This will show her that you can see and appreciate her special, unique qualities.

    mum word cloud

    Express your Love for Her

    If you want to avoid saying the same old thing like; “lots of love from” or “love and hugs from”, “love you to the moon & back” etc, you can try making this into a sentence and show her what she means to you.

    It could sound something like this:

    • I love you because
    • You mean….
    • I would be…. without you
    • I feel ……… for/by you

    You can never tell your mum too much, that you love her. It will bring her so much happiness to read these words and the best thing is that she can keep this forever and read it whenever she wants or needs to feel loved.


    That’s it, my top five tips for writing the best-ever Mother’s Day card messages. Now you can create meaningful and heartfelt messages for your mums, that will melt their hearts.

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    Thanks for reading, à bientôt, Natalie