L is for love.

But choosing a gift for your long term partner should be easy right?

The reality is, it can actually be a lot harder because you both seen plenty of Valentine’s days during your time tested relationship, and birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and so many other gift giving occasions it can be a struggle to come up with ideas sometimes.

Are you even bothering to celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore?

Research has shown that the longer a couple are together the less likely they are to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I know there are reasonable arguments for not following this tradition, like having a wedding anniversary, monetary restrictions, family commitments or maybe you just do your own celebration of your love whenever you feel like it.

So what about Valentine’s Day 2022?

Since the pandemic health crisis our lives have been affected in many different ways, maybe you connected more or totally reconnected with your partner during confinements/lockdowns and isolation periods, or perhaps working from home and sharing work/living space with your other half (and the rest of the family in some cases) has shed light on some areas where your relationship could use a little a TLC. In either case maybe this year could be the year to rekindle the Valentine’s Day magic.

10 Valentine’s Day ideas for long term couples.

1) Make a time Capsule or Collage.

Time to let leash your creative side, if you’ve been hoarding all those ticket stubs from your first cinema date, holidays, honeymoon, comedy gigs, concerts, days out and so on, then let your creative juices flow with photos and other memory prompts and make a time capsule of your relationship. It will certainly bring back memories and give you both an opportunity to reminisce.

2) Romantic meal for two at home.

Ok so this is nothing new but it has been said that “Cooking is love made visible” (Anonymous) and if like me you’re not the one frequently wearing the chef’s hat, then making an effort to create a special breakfast, brunch, lunch, picnic or dinner will certainly show you care to your other half.

3) Create a playlist.

Use whatever means you have, be it vinyl, cd or any other format and create a playlist of songs that have meaning to you both. It could be the tune from club where you first met, that song playing in the pub on your first date, your first dance song from your wedding, even that annoying tune from your summer holiday that was played everywhere and you both actually hate but somehow brings back great memories.

4) Write and old fashioned love letter.

Let’s face it, not many of us put pen to paper these days. Actually taking a little time to stop and think about all the things you love about and being with your partner can not only put a new perspective on your relationship but putting it in writing for your other half to read will strengthen your bond.

5) Take a walk together.

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is a brilliant way to share some quality time together. A quiet stroll in the countryside or even a wander around the historic sights of your local town or city can be all it takes to show your love for your partner and that you love spending time with them.

6) Spa at Home.

Sharing a little “us time” with some pampering products can be fun. Stock up on ready made products when you’re out shopping or go the whole hog and make your own face masks, hair treatments and body scrubs. You’ll both look and feel fab inside and out afterwards.

7) Try something new together.

If you have never tried an activity before but fancy giving it a go then trying something new together could be just what you need. Yoga, golf, horse riding, salsa… it can be anything. If you don’t like it that’s fine you never have to do it again, but you might have fun together finding out.

8) Play truant.

Valentine’s Day this year is on a Monday, so what a perfect excuse to book the day off work (who likes Mondays anyway?!) and spend it together. If you have kids and its half term then book them into holiday club or to visit the grandparents. If it’s still term time, then make the most of the hours you have between school runs.

9) Visit the romantic village of Saint Valentin, Indre France.

This rural village oozes romance as their namesake suggests. You can walk in the lover’s garden, eat a romantic meal for two at the restaurant or even renew your commitment to each other at the mayor’s office who will even give you a certificate of confirmation. (This can actually be done on any day of the year). There are also lots of other activities and events taking place here on the 13th and 14th February 2022.

10) Start a new tradition.

It could be anything, the sky is the limit.

Still need a little help?

You can always buy a handmade card from my range here or you can browse a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas from my online shop.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day. x