Alternatives to Chocolate Gifts this Easter

Are you searching for alternatives to the traditional Easter eggs or toys to gift to your younger family members and friends this Easter? If you want to avoid a chocolate frenzy, encourage a healthy lifestyle, or are resisting adding to an already huge toy collection you could consider one of these alternative Easter gifts instead.

Fun Earrings

If you need a fun accessory for your youngster this Easter, then these earrings are a great idea. Priced at 5,00€ each pair, there are yummy food designs, friendly animals, and cute floral designs to choose from.

Fun Necklaces

These funky floral necklaces are adjustable and great for kids. Priced at 5,00€ each they are a great alternative to chocolate eggs and last much longer!

Bracelets for the boys

Jewellery isn’t just for the girls. These macrame cord bracelets are adjustable to fit anyone. Priced at 5,00€ each they are an affordable alternative to chocolate for teens and tween-aged boys.

Useful Scrunchies

These cute, springtime-themed scrunchies are designed for thick long hair. They can be mixed and matched and are reasonably priced from 2,50€ to 3,00€ each and come in two sizes.

Cute Headbands

Another useful hair accessory for teens and tweens, these hand-knitted headbands are a fun and practical gift. They cost from 6.99€ to 10,00€.

Cardigans for Babies

For babies too young for traditional easter gifts like chocolate eggs, you could gift a hand-knitted cardigan instead. They are perfect for layering up in the springtime weather and easy to put on and take off again, even for the wriggliest of babies. They are available from premature to 18 months of age and cost 25€ each.

These are my recommendations for alternative Easter gifts, they will last much longer than chocolate or toys, and some have practical uses too, which makes them a very satisfying gift.

All you need now is some springtime-themed wrapping paper or a gift bag to complete your Easter offering, or maybe a card to go with it.

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