Choose the right earrings for your face shape

Buy the right style of earring based on face shape using my simple guide below.

All of the earrings available to buy on my website feature the matching face shape for the style of earring making it easier for you to choose the correct style, especially when buying earrings as a gift.

Lets get started by looking at each face individually and looks at examples of the style of earring that will suit each face shape.

Round Face

round face shape

If you want to lengthen the appearance of your round face you should choose drop earrings and long slender styles. Avoid round earrings with chunky circles and disks, hoops and button studs.

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Square Face

Hoop earrings and, medium to large sized round or oval shaped earrings suit square faces best. Avoid square shaped earrings.

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Oval Face

oval face shape

An oval face shape can wear any earrings except very long styles which could over lengthen your appearance. You can choose studs, hoops, or drops. Triangles and simple studs show off your cheekbones.

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Diamond Shaped Face

diamond shaped face diagram

If you have a diamond shaped face your eyes are the widest section of your face, and your forehead and chin are narrow. Choose studs earrings and avoid long, or big styles of earrings unless it is a chandelier style which is wider at the bottom to balance out your features.

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Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped face diagram

Your have a heart shaped face if your forehead is wider then your cheeks and you have a narrow chin. Choose teardrop shapes and chandelier, this will balance your features as these shapes are slimmer at the top and taper to a wider shape at the bottom.

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Triangle Shaped Face

A triangular shaped face features a wider forehead, narrow cheekbones and a narrow chin. If you have this face shape you should choose chandelier and teardrop styles to flatter your face shape by creating the impression of width at your jaw. and avoid style which make your forehead appear wider.

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I’ve put together a quick visual guide to choosing the right earrings on my Pinterest, for you to keep handy.