Will this colour suit me?

This is a common question from my customers, or “will this colour suit my friend?”

The quick and easy way to find out if a colour will suit your skin tone, is to use the table below.

Simply decide which description matches your skin tone, eye and colour best and the eight colours that best suit you are shown to the right, for each of the three skin tone categories, Warm, Cool or Mid tone (sometimes called Neutral).

This guide can be used to choose the best colour for clothing or accessories such as jewellery and silk scarves.


Extra Tips

  • Autumnal colours are best for those with warm toned skin.
  • Purples and icy blues look great on cool skin tones.
  • Those blessed with mid toned skin can wear warm pastels, burgundy, purples and soft blue shades.

Colours to avoid

Warm: Pale Rose Pink/Hot Pink/Beige/Icy Blue/Sky Blue/Dark Grey/Navy Blue/Black
Cool: Brown/Rust/Apricot/Beige
Neutral/Mid Tones: Rust/Green Gold/Salmon/Beige/Apricot/Icy blue/Charcoal Grey/Black

What about metals?

When it comes to precious metal jewellery the following rules can be applied:

  • Warm: Yellow Gold
  • Cool: Silver/Rose Gold/Platinum
  • Neutral/Mid Tones: Any colour metal

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