How to Write a Heartfelt Father’s Day Message

It’s that time of year again, and Father’s Day is just around the corner. Time to buy those gifts and cards to celebrate your dad, stepdad, foster dad, father-in-law, or any other father figure in your life, but it can be hard to write something heartfelt in your Father’s Day cards year after year, especially when you are an adult or have to write cards for your father-in-law as well as your dad.

So here is my advice for creating a heartfelt message for your Father’s Day cards.

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Let’s begin

Putting it simply, let’s begin with the traditional greeting “Happy Father’s Day”. Now, you can write a personal message in addition to this but you can skip this step if your card is already pre-printed with this message.

Show Thankfulness

Write about how thankful you are for something your Dad taught you or some great advice he gave, or be specific about something he did for you that you are grateful for. Did your Dad make a sacrifice that benefited you? You can acknowledge this and be thankful for that sacrifice, he will feel appreciated that his efforts are noticed.

It could start like this:

  • I’m so thankful for……
  • I’m grateful for…….
  • Thank you for teaching me…
  • Thanks for ……….
  • I’m overwhelmed by your……
  • I appreciate ………..

Share your Favourite Experience or Memory

Do you have great memories of activities you did together? days out? or even general day-to-day things like baking, storytime, or how he spent every evening memorising multiplication tables with you as a child. Tell him about the special memories you have of spending time with him. It’s important to show him that he has a special place in your life, you remember the great times you have shared, and why they are important to you.

Highlight his Best Quality

Are you proud of Dad’s achievements? Do you admire a skill or ability he has? Tell him about it, it will demonstrate you understand him as an individual and appreciate his unique qualities.

It could start like:

  • I’m proud of the way you….
  • I love your sense of…………
  • I wish I had your …………….
  • I admire your …………………
  • You are the best at………..
  • No one does …. like you
  • You inspire me to be……

Express Love for Him

Avoid standard sentences like “lots of love from”, “love and hugs from”, or “love you to the moon & back” etc, you can make your own unique sentence that shows what he means to you.

It could sound something like this:

  • I love you because
  • You mean….
  • I would be…. without you
  • I feel ……… for/by you

Dads also need to be told they loved are too, so don’t hold back if he means the world to you.


There you have it, five simple tips for writing the best-ever Father’s Day card message.

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Good Luck, à bientôt, Natalie