My Mother’s Day Survey reveals the worst gifts received by mums

In 2022 I surveyed women around the world to find out about their experiences both buying gifts for Mother’s Day and receiving them too. I wanted to understand the challenges faced by us offspring as gift-givers, so I could provide a solution to the problems we face when choosing gifts. I often struggle to find a suitable gift, but I also wanted to find out exactly what mothers out there want to receive as a gift.

In the current financial situation, it becomes even harder to decide on an appropriate gift for your mum. People have less to spend and want to spend it wisely.

The results of my survey highlighted the worst the gifts mothers had received and in some cases didn’t receive anything at all, not even a card! So as part of my solution to the problem of “what to buy for Mother’s Day gifts”, I also wanted to share what mums DO NOT want to receive on Mother’s Day, so keep reading to see the top ten worst Mother’s Day gifts.

During the research, I also discovered that 40% of the respondents had bought gifts for themselves before.

The Top Ten Worst Mother’s Day Gifts


Mums often say they don’t need a gift and while I think this is a true sentiment, I believe she deserves a little token of appreciation even if she does not think it necessary. If you are lacking funds then you can at least bake her favourite cake as a gift. This article by the Independent revealed most mums will eat anything made by their kids no matter how bad it looks or tastes, so even if you have never baked before your mum will appreciate the sentiment and at least try it.

Appliances for the Home or Kitchen

If mum needs a new hoover or another appliance save it for another day, because it is not a gift for Mother’s Day, her birthday or Christmas.

Self-help or Improvement Books

Your mum may have a few of these at home already, but you should never gift these for Mother’s Day. Buy her a bunch of flowers instead.

Anti-aging Products

You will undoubtedly be bombarded with these types of products through advertising and in-store promotions in the run-up to Mother’s Day. Don’t fall into this trap. Anything related to anti-ageing or beauty products should be avoided as a gift. If your mum needs a little pampering then why not opt for an afternoon of self-care at home, a visit to a spa, or go to your local nail bar for an inexpensive treat and some quality time together.

Cookery Lessons

Mums still do the majority of cooking in most households (but I’m glad to say not in mine!) and unless your mum has specifically asked to do a cookery class to learn a new skill, or you are doing the class together to spend some quality time together doing something you both love, then cookery classes are not a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Diet & Fitness Products

Similar to anti-ageing products and self-help books, any gift that relates to diet or fitness can leave the recipient feeling insulted. If your mum wants this kind of product she will buy it for herself.

Car Accessories

Again similar to home appliances the same applies to car accessories. Yes, new tyres for the car are practical and show you are concerned about her safety, but again are not appropriate as a Mother’s Day gift.

Fakes or Imitations of designer products

Mums would prefer a smaller, inexpensive gift to an imitation or knock-off product of their favourite designer or brand.

Novelty or Joke Gifts

Even if your mum has a brilliant sense of humour you should not buy her a jokey gift for Mother’s Day. A simple bunch of flowers is much more appropriate.


If all else has failed and you don’t know what to buy for your mum, then a gift voucher for her favourite shop is a much better alternative to cash in her Mother’s Day card.


Now you know what not to buy mum for Mother’s Day.

Traditionally Mother’s Day gifts include flowers, or chocolates, and a card. All mums want on Mother’s Day is to feel appreciated. Make her breakfast in bed, prepare the family lunch, do the dishes for her, or just go for a walk and spend some quality time with her. She will appreciate it much more than any of the top ten worst gifts we have identified in this article.

Need a card for Mother’s Day? You can buy one of my unique handmade cards, which are blank inside for you to write your message here. If you need tips on how to write that perfect Mother’s Day card, then you can read my blog post here.

I’m interested to know your experiences too, so join in the conversation in the comments below and if you need to drop a few hints then please do share this post.

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