Updated 10/10/2023

Autumn Holidays are almost here!

Another two-week school holiday approaches, time has gone so quickly since la Rentrée. So my thoughts have turned to how I can keep my two little monsters busy during this time and I turned to one of my favourite resources for ideas, Pinterest, and unearthed so many ideas I had to make multiple boards organise them all, there are actually 300 different ideas across all the boards.

Here are my top ten activities for the Halloween holidays, which I thought I would share with you in this blog post, to save you from having to do the research, all you have to do is click on the image for each idea and you will be taken straight to the board where you can click to see the idea in full. They range from crafting to cookery and I think there is something for everyone on these boards.

Craft Activities

Crafty activities keep the kids busy during the holidays and provide opportunities for learning, creativity, and making decorations for the home or Halloween parties. We will definitely be trying some of these ideas out.

I really like the yarn monsters as they use up scraps of wool and the rock painting will certainly go down well in our house, as we have been collecting pebbles for painting over the summer to use on rainy days.

Just click on the image below to see 40 pinned Halloween activities.

40 Halloween crafts for kids pinterest board
Crafty activities Pinterest board

Here are some of our creations from Halloween 2022


If you’re looking for an alternative to trick or treating, need some ideas for Halloween party games, or just want to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, then this board has 20 ideas for you.

I really like the scavenger hunt idea as an alternative to going out trick or treating and the pin the spider on the web/eye on the monster games are good fun too.

20 halloween themed games for kids
20 Halloween-themed games

Sensory Activities for Kids

For some sensory fun with younger children check out this board, it has 10 pinned ideas for play which helps children learn about the world they live in.

I know my budding witch and wizard will enjoy trying out the potion activity.

10 halloween sensory games for kids
10 Sensory play ideas for Halloween

Face Painting

This is a traditional Halloween activity in our house and once the kids have been transformed they usually do a spooky makeover for me too.

I have to admit my face-painting skills need a little honing, but these 30 ideas certainly have sparked my interest and some are definitely within my limited skill range.

30 Halloweeen face-painting ideas
30 Halloween Face Painting ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

This year we have once again been gifted a HUGE pumpkin and we have grown some in the garden too so we actually have two different types of pumpkin to carve and eat this year.

We need simple ideas for our five-year-old and more complex designs for our 8-year-old and the board below has 50 pumpkin carving ideas and stencils saved to it.

50 Pumpkin carving ideas
50 Carving Ideas and Resources

Pumpkin Decorating (no carving)

If you like the idea of having a pumpkin but hate carving them or your children are too young to carve a design, then why not decorate one instead? This board has 30 pins to inspire your creativity ranging from painting to simply adding googly eyes to your pumpkin.

30 pumpkin decorating ideas
30 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween Recipes

These fun recipes range from healthy lunch options to sweet treats and party food ideas. As our sons birthday falls near Halloween we will incorporate some spooky food into his celebrations.

I really want to make the Spider web pancakes (I think they are within my limited cooking capabilities!).

There are 50 pins on this board to get your taste buds tingling.

50 Spooky Halloween Treats
50 Spooky Halloween Treat Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes

We love to use our pumpkin flesh for great-tasting recipes and usually make South African pancakes and soups but this year I want to expand our repertoire, so here are 50 pins to whet your appetite.

There are both sweet and savoury recipes here and kid-friendly recipes too.

My Top Tip: We use an ice cream scoop to hollow out our pumpkins.

50 Pumpkin recipes
50 Great Tasting Pumpkin Recipes

Uses for Pumpkin Seeds

If you want to use up all of your pumpkins, then you might like these ideas for using up the seeds left over after you have hollowed out your pumpkin, from tasty roasted seeds you can eat to decorative crafty ideas, these 20 pins will help you use up those seeds.

Of course, you could always save the seeds to plant next year too, which is what we did last year and now we have five gorgeous homegrown pumpkins ripening in the garden.

20 Uses for Pumpkin Seeds
Dislike waste? 20 ideas to use up pumpkin seeds

10 Pumpkin Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

If you don’t like to eat pumpkin but can’t bear the thought of wasting the flesh from your carved pumpkin, or you just want to treat yourself after all that carving, crafting, and Halloween fun, then these 10 pins might be just what you need for a little pampering and self-care time.

10 DIY pumpkin skincare recipes
10 Pumpkin beauty products

And now to try them out….

I know we are going to be trying some of these ideas and if I remember, I’ll take some photos to post on my social media channels, so follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out how it went. I hope you find these ideas entertaining and fun for you and your little ones.

Are you going to try some of the ideas above? Tell me how it went and what you thought about the activities in the comments below or make some of your own suggestions too, I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget if you like this blog post… you don’t have to but… it would make my day if you could please share it or link back to this post, thank you.

Happy Halloween!