Alternative Gift Wrap and Wrapping techniques

Although I like wrapping gifts I do hate the waste it creates. We try to save wrapping paper where possible (especially if it is a particularly special or pretty paper) to re-use at a later date, recycling some gift wrap is just not possible  and I hate to send the wrapping paper we have paid for to landfill.

Some of my products come with gift boxes or bags or are wrapped in tissue paper and while I have been thinking about how to be more eco-friendly and sustainable in my business, I have also been thinking of how we as a family can do more to reduce the waste from our household and save a few euros along the way.

So if you are interested in some alternatives to wrapping paper, keep reading.

Ten alternatives to traditional wrapping paper


  1. Re-use old gift bags: I always save my gift bags, especially those from Amazon, they have lasted well and come in a range of styles and sizes.
  2. Fabric: Consider using tea towels, scarves, pretty or bright patterned pillowcases or even napkins. You can also use Furoshiki technique to wrap the gift (see my next blog post)
  3. Old Maps: Out of date maps make an interesting gift wrap
  4. Children’s artwork/Gift wrap made by children: So this might not be entirely eco friendly, but it makes a good activity for the kids and family members will to receive a gift wrapped in such a special way. Also it’s a good way of finding a home for all those pieces of artwork your kids create through the year, making room for more to come.
  5. Jars: Not just an eye catching way to protect a gift but useful too.
  6. Plain brown paper: Jazz it up with some Hemp string or Raffia.
  7. Newspaper cartoon or puzzle pages: If you haven’t already recycled your newspapers then consider saving any crossword or puzzle pages, or even the cartoons for some interesting wrapping paper.
  8. Tins: Some of my products now come with a gift tin. This is another option with a future use.
  9. Old sheet music: An attractive alternative to gift wrap, you could probably find some at jumble sales, charity shops etc if you don’t have any at home.
  10. Baskets and hampers: Any gift I have ever received that came in a basket or hamper has been saved for future use. I keep my most precious Christmas decorations in a large hamper we won one Christmas and it has lasted years. These are a great alternative for gifts of all shapes and sizes.

So there you have ten alternatives to old fashioned wrapping paper.

And if you’re looking for alternatives to card gift labels then why not try my sustainable wooden pyrographed gift labels. They will last for years and can be re-gifted or saved for future use within your family group.


Have you ever received an unusually wrapped gift? Do you save things to wrap gifts in too? I’d love you hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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