How to keep the kids entertained for 8 weeks?

You may be wondering what to do with your children/grandchildren, visitors children during the long summer break. I myself will be juggling childcare and work for the duration. My children usually go to a holiday club for two mornings a week and they have great activities from cooking to days out, but this summer they are mine, all mine for 8 weeks.

I like to make the most of our time with the children during the holidays and we are planning to combine rest and relaxation with family fun days out and exercising their minds and bodies too.

So if you are looking for inspiration for days out in the creuse or activities for rainy days then I think I have something for everyone in my list below.

Days out

These are locations in the creuse and a bit further afield for family days out. They include adventure activities, zoos, and other animal parks. there is a separate list of lakes and forest walks further down the page. I have also listed the sportier activities separately too.

Wolf Park – Gueret Creuse (23)
Labrynth Geant
(Gueret Creuse 23)
Pierres Jaumatres
(Toulx St Crois 23)
Adventure in the trees, mini golf, giant inflatables, laser game, restaurant, and more.
Bison Farm
(Bourganeuf 23)
Tour the farm, learn about bison and short pony treks.
Animal Park
(Bord St Georges 23)
Small animal park
Park Zoo Reynou
(Limoges 87)
Zoo Le Pal
(Moulins, 03)
Has rides and other attractions too
Zoo Beauval
(Loir-et-Cher 41)
Dino Parc/Museum
(Allier 03)
Take the tourist train
(Gueret-Aubusson or Felletin)
Village of MasgotStone sculptures, workshops, and activities

Parks and lakes

Lake La Courtille
(Gueret 23)
Activities, swimming, park, skateboarding etc
Nature Reserve
(Gouzon 23)
(Chatelus-Malvaleix 23)
Bike Course, lake swimming, park etc

Swimming, Walking, and other physical activities

Burn off some excess energy with physical activity and take in the fresh Creuse air.

Adventure in the Trees (Gueret 23)
(Aubusson 23)
(Montlucon 03)
(Evaux Les Bains 23)
(Mont de Gueret 23)
Foret le Chabrieres
(Gueret 23)
Forest Walk
Husky / Dog Sled
(Anzeme 23)
Western Horse Riding
(Toulx St Crois 23)
Donkey Hiking
Peyrat-le-Château 87)
Walk with the donkeys
Pierres Jaumatres – Walk
(Toulx St Crois 23)
Tour the meagalithic stones for free

Rainy Day Activities – Away from Home

Prevent cabin fever by getting the kids away from home even on rainy days.

(Gueret 23)
(Montlucon 03)
(Gueret 23)
(Jarnages 23)
(Cressat 23)

Rainy Day Activities: At Home

You can still get active at home if the weather means you can’t get outside. These are popular with my children.

Yoga with stories
Kids workouts
Dance Tutorials
Fun Freeze Dance/Floor is Lava game

Brain Boosts

Keep the kid’s brains active over the summer months. Learn a new skill, practice what they learned at school over the last year, or prepare them for the school year ahead.

More resources for parents/adults can be found at Parentkind.

Cahiers des VacancesAvailable from supermarkets, bookshops and online. Suitable for different age ranges.
Worksheets and activities
Learn a language
Answers to all those weird kid’s questions
Learn to draw

And now to try them out….

My kids are dying to go to the zoo. swim in the lakes, visit a dino park, and the list goes on.

We have already tried the maze, the wolf park, the Pierres des Jaumatres when my daughter was little, but my son hasn’t been to these places yet, so they will be on our wish list. We’ve also tried many of the lakes and parks and soft play locations too.

Are there any little gems you know of that I haven’t listed here? let me know and I’ll them to the list.

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à bientôt