New Jewellery Designs: Knitted Necklaces and Bracelets

I love to knit, it was one of the first hand-crafting skills I was taught from a very young age. It’s relaxing, has a process to follow, yet is a creative outlet. It suits my natural personality traits.

However, I also feel the need to create freely, without patterns to follow, allowing the nature of the raw material to guide me as to what it will become. Jewellery making is the outlet here for me. I see collections of beads that call to me and then allow myself to create jewellery based on an organic idea visualised in my imagination.

Now I have combined two of my favourite crafts into one, knitted jewellery.

Knitted Necklaces

My hand-knitted yarn necklaces are soft, tactile, and lightweight and offer an alternative to traditional jewellery styles. They are great for those with allergies to metals too. These wool necklaces are over-the-head styles so they are long enough to wear without the need for clasps or connectors.

You can easily layer up several knitted necklaces to create a unique look for your outfit. You can choose from some interesting textured yarn necklaces or opt for a statement knotted knitted necklace. These unique wool necklaces are available to buy in my online shop for 15,00€ each.

Knitted Bracelets

I just love these simple knitted bracelets, the yarn shows off the stitches and makes them so easy to wear. These chunky knitted bracelets are soft and lightweight and can be layered up on your wrists, without the banging and clanging of metallic bangles, and are comfortable to wear, especially if you work at a desk.

You can buy these wool bracelets in my online shop now for 10,00€ each.

Zero waste approach

Having been brought up to “waste not, want not” I try really hard to make the most of my materials, all scraps/offcuts (I hate to call them waste) from my products are saved for future projects and I hardly ever throw any materials away unless absolutely necessary for safety or quality reasons.

My new knitted jewellery range allows me to truly make the most of my wool and yarn collection which I have accumulated and put the materials to good use.

I am in mid-production on some other zero-waste products which I will be revealing later this year.

I hope you enjoy the new range, I certainly enjoyed making them and there will be more variations added to the collection as it grows.

à bientôt,