Festival Season is upon us

From grand events like the Glastonbury Festival to small local events, there seems to be a festival every weekend to suit all music tastes. With so many events to go to you may not want to buy completely new outfits for each one, so changing up your accessories is the perfect way to update your festival attire without breaking the bank.

What jewellery should I wear to a festival?

As festivals can be a bit messy and opportunities for losing items such as jewellery are rife, my advice is to only wear inexpensive, casual items of jewellery that won’t cause you too much distress should they become misplaced during a festival weekend.

In terms of style, it really depends on your personal preferences and your style of outfit, as anything goes at festivals. There are no rules or dress codes to adhere to so you can truly be yourself and express your character in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

The following suggestions are my top picks for festival jewellery this summer.


Multiple bracelets can be worn and look really great for festivals when mixed and matched, I’m choosing natural fibers and stones, hard-wearing but soft-to-touch polymer clay, easy fastenings, and colourful designs for my top picks.

These macrame bracelets are created using hemp or waxed cotton and feature lava stone, malachite, or glass beads. They are adjustable in size and are very versatile. They are currently on promotion at half price.

My next choice for festival bracelets is my unique polymer clay designs. Again created using waxed cotton for a comfortable, adjustable fit they too are just 5€ each.

Wooden bead bracelets are a must-have for festival attire. My designs are elasticated or made with adjustable fasteners for easy fit and are best sellers at the events I attend. Priced at 3€ each.


These wooden necklaces are a festival must-have for everyone Priced at 5€ each.

These necklaces are created using natural materials such as shell, wood, and semi-precious gemstones. priced from 3€ each.

Maybe you prefer something a bit more colourful for your festival attire. These adjustable polymer clay bead necklaces are lightweight and hard-wearing and cost 10€ each. I also have cute flower necklaces for 5€ each.


Polymer clay earrings are a fun and funky way to update your festival outfit. These are a selection from my range and cost 8€ each. The flower designs are available in white, orange, blue, pink, and purple.

If natural materials are more your style, then you can choose from wood (10€), howlite stone (3€), ox bone (3€), or mother of pearl (3€).

Other useful festival accessories

A versatile silk scarf can not only keep the chills away on festival nights but can also double up as a top or hair accessory from 20€ to 26€ each. Protect your glasses or shades from scratches and other accidental damage by using a silk case, just 5€ each.

Handy points to remember

To keep packing to a minimum opt for multi-purpose items. Jewellery is a great way to update your look over a weekend without having to pack loads of extra clothes.

A handy silk scarf can do a variety of jobs and it is well worth taking a few different sizes with you, they don’t take up much space and are lightweight too.

There you have it, my pick of accessories for music festivals this year. You can snap them up now online, or find me at an artisan market in the Creuse this summer (check out the events page). But be aware, most of these items are limited editions never to be repeated so grab them now while you can.

Have a fun summer.

à bientôt