My daughter requested a summer dress!

After the success of the last sewing project, my daughter insisted I make the dress she had requested. I made a start just before the summer holidays began in July but didn’t have any time to work on it until the end of the holidays, but I did finish it.

Here is the pattern I bought from Amazon. I was really annoyed because they had stuck a massive postage label over the essential details on the back of the pattern envelope, but luckily I managed to get the info I needed after a search online. And I complained to Amazon too.

Made to measure sun-dress

My daughter is very tall for her age so I was tasked with making this as a made-to-measure garment using the leftover fabric from the skirt project and some buttons we had stashed away.

The dress (style D) is made up of 2 lower skirt pieces, 2 upper body pieces (with facings), and two straps. The upper pieces are one size and the lower pieces another size, luckily the gathering at the bustline was suited perfectly to making this a made-to-measure.

I had to trace elements of the pattern and make my own pattern pieces so I could retain the originals for future use.

The process was fairly simple but I learned how to gather, sew facings, and make button-holes as well as learning to “fit” garments to a real live body.

Finished item

Here is the finished item. My daughter is thrilled with the dress and has been wearing it at any chance she gets, which makes me feel fantastic.

This time around there were no tantrums on my part as the sewing machine behaved impeccably, no broken needles this time either. I think the machine is starting to like me.

I made a couple of matching scrunchies for her hair from the remnant fabric as we are big on zero waste here and she loves a good hair accessory!

Now to think about my next project, I think something for me like a pencil skirt or wrap dress, but Halloween is approaching fast and I feel a request from my daughter coming on!

à bientôt,