What jewellery and accessories should you pack for your holiday in 2023?

The holiday is booked! Accomodation – check, flights – check now all you need to think about is what to pack in your suitcase.

If you’re like me and have two kids in tow for your holiday, then you will probably be more occupied with what to pack for the kids and the other-half, and then once you have organised their stuff you realise there is little space left to squeeze in your essential holiday items.

So for my pick of holiday accessories and jewellery, I have chosen some practical and multi-purpose items that don’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

Sunglass Protection

I love my 100% silk sunglass protectors. They are lightweight and protect my shades from scratches and other damage. I have five limited edition, hand-painted designs to choose from at just 5€ each

Silk Scarves

Lightweight and multi-functional, a silk scarf is a must-have for your holiday. Use a large scarf as a beach cover-up, a makeshift top, or to protect your neck and shoulders from evening chills. Shorter, narrower styles are not only great as scarves but can also be used to casually tie up your hair. Treat yourself to a 100% silk, limited edition hand-painted design from 20€ to 26€ each.


Holidays are a great chance to try a new style of jewellery. Key trends this summer are beaded jewellery, flowers, friendship bracelets, boho styles, and candy-coloured pieces.

Beaded Jewellery

Totally on trend this summer, these beaded pieces don’t have to match, in fact, mismatched is perfect for summer 2023.

Wood & Shell Boho Style Jewellery

Relaxed and natural jewellery for your chilled-out summer holiday vibe.

Candy Coloured Necklaces

If you prefer something more colourful for your holiday accessories. These adjustable polymer clay bead necklaces are lightweight and hard-wearing and cost 10€ each.

Big night out

Make a statement with a pair of earrings. These are a selection from my range and cost 3€ each.

Friendship Bracelets

These are a more grown-up take on friendship bracelets and are just as fab, especially as they are currently half-price.).

For the guys

If you want to treat your other half to some holiday accessories too, then here is a small selection, from 3€ each they cost the same as an ice cream but last much, much longer and can be a souvenir of your time away.

Now all you have to do is pack

You can snap up these accessories now online, or find me at an artisan market in the Creuse this summer (check out the events page). But be aware, most of these items are limited editions never to be repeated so grab them now while you can, and get packing.

Bon Voyage

à bientôt