New colour choice guide now available

I am lucky to be able to meet my customers face to face at markets and events, or by appointment in my atelier and we often discuss colour choices when clients are choosing jewellery and accessories.

Colour trends come and go and in my younger years, I often fell foul to fashion trends and wore colours that did not suit me at all. I remained oblivious to this until my 30s and then I got educated about the styles and colours of clothing that suited me. If I had made better colour choices I would have felt more confident during those early years.

Since then I have been able to confidently choose my outfits and accessories and also gifts for others as I know what works and what to avoid.

The key was to understand my “tone”. I am a warm-toned person and so autumnal colours suit me best.

Until now I have only been able to share this knowledge during in-person meetings but now I have published a full guide: “which colours suit Me” on this site to help everyone who is struggling to know if this season’s trend for a specific shade of green will suit them (or the recipient of a gift) or not.

Why is it important to choose the right colour for you?

Colour choice can play a huge part in how you feel and how how healthy you look. The wrong choice of colour for your outfit and accessories can make you look ill. I know, in my teenage years I wore lot of black and looked very pale and washed out and not at all the healthy, vibrant teen I was. My navy blue school uniform did not do much to enhance my appearance either or encourage me look to beyond dark colours once I left school.

Getting to know your perfect colours can make you look and feel more confident, healthy and boost your mood.

Did you know that wearing the right colour from head to toe can have the same slimming effect as wearing black in the same way? Everyone knows that wearing black can have a visual slimming effect but if black does not suit your skin tone it will make you look tired and unhealthy. Swapping the black for your perfect colour will not only have the visual effect you want to achieve for your figure, but also make your skin glow and yours eyes sparkle naturally.

Wearing colour may require some confidence if you are used to wearing neutrals but just by wearing colour you not only appear more confident to others but feel it too. You can take baby steps by experimenting with one piece of clothing and measure the difference in how wearing that colour made you feel that day and then build upon this over time.

Accessories are also a cost effective way to experiment with colour.

Colour has the ability to change your mood too. If you wake up feeling sad then putting on an outfit with colour can have a positive effect on your outlook for the day.

How to choose your best colour

It’s really simple to choose the colour which best suits you, use the guide below to match your skin tone, hair and eye and colour to work out which category you fall into Warm, Cool or Mid tone (neutral) and then the eight best colours for your tone can be found in the right hand column.

For example, I have yellow tones to my skin, green eyes and dark hair so that makes we a Warm tone, my 8 best colours are Tomato red, Olive, Brown, Sea Green, Mustard, Burgundies and light cream.

colour guide

But what if your favourite colour isn’t included in the recommendations?

You may have a favourite colour that makes you feel fantastic already, and that’s great. But if it doesn’t appear in the recommended colour list don’t worry, you don’t have to abandon your favourite colour completely – simply adjust that colour to your tone.

For example, my favourite colour is purple and there are many shades to choose from but I know I should avoid pastel versions of purple and so I swapped to darker purples, like burgundies instead.

Choosing accessories by colour on my site

I will make it even easier for you to buy jewellery and accessories with confidence by updating all the relevant product descriptions to include which “tone/s” match each product.

If you are looking at a pair of earrings on this site you will now not only be able to choose the right pair by face shape but also by colour tone too.

What do you think?

I’m interested to know what you think about the new guide. Has it helped you? Did you make a change after reading this post?

Join in the conversation in the comments below.

à bientôt