New guide now available

Choosing a necklace can be tricky, especially online and for someone else. I looked around the internet for a guide which could help me and my customers make this choice easily, but found I had to look a variety of difference sources, or read a number of blogs or individual pages to find the information I wanted. It wasn’t easy or quick.

So I decided to make my own guide, the full guide is available here but I have summarised the main features and points of the guide in this post.

Necklace Lengths

How to match necklace lengths to the person wearing it

My guide features a simple table to act as a guide as to which lengths and styles suit specific body types or face shapes, neck length or width and also which outfits a necklace style best matches with.

Choosing necklaces by length on my site

I have updated all the women’s necklace product descriptions to include the name of the length of the necklace being viewed and added more photos so you can easily judge how long the product is.

I have also divided the necklaces into categories so you can easily shop by necklace length, for example collar, choker, princess or matinee length necklaces?

What do you think?

I’m interested to you know what you think about the new guide, is there something you would add? Join in the conversation in the comments below.

à bientôt