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Fête du Muguet

French customsnatalie sandifer

The first of may is the Fête du Muguet here in France, it is also labour day, we all have a day off, hurrah!

On the Fête du Muguet French give each other a sprig or small bouquet of Lily of the Valley, it is thought to be a lucky charm, the equivalent of our four leaf clover. Pagans also believed that this flower was lucky.

The tradition of giving Lily of Valley was started by a young King Charles IX in 1561 who gave the flowers to all the ladies in his court, the custom spread through France and still alive today.

All the supermarkets and florists are full of Lily of the Valley flowers.

I vaguely remember my grandmother having Yardley Lily of the Valley toiletries when I was little and I have always though the tiny flowers were very pretty.

This year, we have purchased two small Lily of the Valley flowers in pots, to give to our neighbours on Saffrons behalf. On Monday 1st May we plan to take Saffron around to the houses and hand over her gift. Our neighbours have been very kind to us since we moved in and love to give gifts to Saffron, so now we have a chance to participate in the tradition and for Saffron to learn a little too, about giving and also French customs.


 Good luck Lily of the Valley

Good luck Lily of the Valley