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Summer holidays part 2

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The second part of our summer holiday is sadly over. The week passed by far too quickly despite it being much more relaxed than our first week of holiday.

Monday was spent mostly driving. We had an appointment with our estate agent in Montlucon in the morning, did some shopping before driving home to Cressat for a quick lunch then off to the airport to collect our next visitors.

Tuesday: Day at home to allow our daughter to open some belated birthday gifts.

Wednesday: Walk in the woods at Chenerailles. This is one of our daughters favourite walks, we searched for the characters from the Gruffalo story as we walked the mile long circuit. On the way way home we stopped by the British Market Stall, to collect our order of English Goodies and stock up on essentials. UK products are really expensive in the supermarkets here so we use the services of Andy and Chris at Marsat, who provide all the products we miss from home at very reasonable prices, and are great people too.

Thursday: A walk around the lake in the village and lots of puddle jumping.

Friday - came around all too quickly and before we knew it it was time to drive back to Limoges airport and say our farewells.

During our evenings we caught up on some movies, including Sausage Party and Spy (a recent addition to my Jason Statham film collection - currently about 20 films) it was really enjoyable to see my favourite actor in more of a comedy role, Mr Statham if you're reading this..... MORE COMEDY MOVIES PLEASE! (Note to self - must buy more Jason films from my wishlist.

I also got around to watching the latest Absolutely Fabulous film, and have to say I was bit disappointed, it felt much more like an xmas special episode than a movie. Sorry girls: Jennifer, Ruby, Dawn, this could have been SOOOO much better.

And so the weekend rolled around and it was back to work for me at Jarnages on Sunday, and whilst I manned the stall I carried out a stock take and planned my next weeks production targets.