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Atelier renovations part two

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On the 28th May, (Mother's day here in France) I finally finished renovating the atelier.

I spent a good few nights over the month of May painting the walls and woodwork. I decided that evenings were the best time to work as my daughter was fast asleep (my hubby on baby monitor watch) and the air was cooler. It had been hot, dry month in the creuse.

So each evening between 21:00 and 00:30 I set to work with my paintbrushes, I don't have any music in the workshop yet but luckily I had the sound of crickets, a frog chorus and weirdly a song bird (who started to sing about 11pm every night) to keep me entertained.

I also had a lot of bugs to keep me company, I don't know what they are, but huge beetle type critters would be attracted by the lights in the workshop and come buzzing and crashing into me, my paint tins and just anything before lying lifeless until I removed them from the room.

After I finished the paint job, hubby kindly built a large multi purpose workbench and some shelves in the sewing room, and work table/storage area in the candle making/silk painting room. This second room still needs a large work bench, but we'll get round to that in the near future. I had been saving the boxes our daughters pull-ups arrive in (we buy in bulk from Amazon, it's much cheaper as France is tres cher for nappies) to use as storage, it wasn't my first choice for storage in the atelier, but I'm on a very tight budget.

I had set a limit of 0 euros for the renovations, using only leftover paint from the house and any paint/wood I could beg from other expats in the area, but alas none was donated, so I went over budget by 20 euros by purchasing some paint for the woodwork and another 2 euros for a doormat. There was also the cost of the wood for the workbenches and shelves but they came in at under 50 euros, compared to the 300 euros it was going to cost for the shelving and work surfaces I initially had my heart set on. Maybe in the future when I finally make my fortune I will upgrade, but for now, what I have is a fully functioning work area which is what I needed. It may not be as beautiful as I imagined it would be but at least it works.

The second room has also become a gallery for some of my daughters works of art. She loves paint, glitter and glue! must be all those creative genes she has inherited.

Now I can get stuck into creating again - Can't wait!