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Pyrographic Christmas Decorations

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With only 4 weeks until Christmas it has been a quick turn around for my latest project, Pyrographic Tree Decorations.

I've wanted to undertake a wood burning project for a while now, and last year for my birthday my husband bought me a heat tool for fabric fusing and wood burning, and this year I found the time and perfect project; tree decorations.

I am lucky to have a supply of wood from our hazel trees, and two years ago the trees were pruned - I cut the branches into lengths suitable for our wood burning stove at the barn and left them to dry. Since then we no longer need the wood for the stove, it was such a shame to waste it and the branches were just the right size for decorations.

My husband helped me to slice, sand, de-bark and drill the disks for decorating, then I set about creating the decorations.

I sacrificed a weeks worth of I'm a celebrity..... to create nine sets of decorations. Each set features 1 of each of six designs; star, holly, reindeer, angel, snowflake and Noel and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my creations.

Each decoration is finished with a coating of natural oil to bring out the wood grain and protect the decoration.

With production taking place all week, last night meant finishing and packaging the decorations, at 1am this morning the last of the decorations was packaged and ready to take to market at Jarnages today.

 The finished product: Pyrographic Christmas tree decorations

The finished product: Pyrographic Christmas tree decorations

So far the feedback from customers has been really positive, so don't leave it too late to order yours, these decorations won't be hanging around very long.